About Us

How it all started...

When Sam Olivo Sr. founded Sam & Sons Truck Equipment 50 years ago his sons were just boys. In a rented three-bay shop with a dirt floor, Sam Sr. and his wife, Carmen, pursued their dream of owning their own business. While Sam Sr. worked in the shop, welding and fabricating truck bodies, Carmen ran the office

Working many hours, Sam and Carmen struggled to overcome numerous obstacles. Some situations were devastating, but Sam and Carmen’s focus on God, persistence and quality product remained their strength throughout the early days. Sam remembers that in those early days, a nearby service station attendant teased him, asking why he named his company “Sam & Son’s.” Sam Sr., his oldest boy at his side, simply replied: “Some day you will see.”

Today, Sam & Sons has grown beyond those modest beginning into Houston’s largest family-owned truck and trailer equipment and mechanical repair facility. Also
making the 3rd generation, Carrie Olivo, Angela Olivo-Wells, and Sam Olivo III with over 13 years experience has contributed significantly to the growing success of the Olivo Companies. True to its name, the operation is directed and managed by Sam Sr., and his 3 sons Sam Jr., Robert, Richard and daughter Olivia Olivo.


Sam & Sons is located on 10 acres, within a 41,000 square-foot under roof operation, featuring a 26 bay drive-through shop. Unmatched in their industry, Sam & Sons providesĀ a one-stop source for all truck and trailer repairs and equipment needs. Services offered include paint and body work, refrigeration and mechanical repair, and a fully stocked parts department.

Through the years, Sam & Sons has expanded it’s size, services, and customer base while retaining the personal attention, warmth & courtesy you might only expect in a smaller operation. They have earned the trust of their customers through hard work and the high standard they place on their product as well as on themselves.

That’s because the principles upon which Sam Sr. built his business and his reputation are the same ones that Sam & Sons employ today…

God, Quality & Customer Service