Truck Equipment Fabrication

For any size vehicle......

Spacious modern facilities with a staff of highly trained professionals with 20 years+ of experience ensure that Sam & Sons can handle any truck equipment repair job or new truck equipment or rigging need regardless of size. From small jobs to more serious damage and repairs. We’ll get your truck back in top shape as soon as possible.

Situated on over 10 acres within 41,000 square feet, the trailer facility is a 26 bay drive-through shop measuring 105′ from door to door. With 18′ door and a roof that peaks at 38′ dump trucks and other large equipment are easily accommodated. Our 24-hour, on-premise security ensures the protection of equipment during repair as well as convenience for drop-off and pick-ups.

Sam & Sons is a direct manufacturer distributor for all makes and models of truck equipment. We offer free estimates and our staff is readily available for on-site consultation.